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The CPG2 2HP Double Seal Grinder Pump is available in single or three phase.  It can be purchased with the start and run capacitors in the motor or in the control panel.  The pump is also available with a seal failure option.

Features / Benefits

  • High Efficient Motor With Upper & Lower Ball Bearings / Runs Cooler & Last Longer
  • Cast Iron Impeller / Durable For Long Life
  • Sealed Entry-Replaceable Power Cord/ Easy To Replace, Prevents Water From Entering the Motor Housing Through A Cut Power Cord. Warranty Is Not Voided If Plug Is Cut Off
  • Piggy Back Switch / Pump Can Be Run Manually, Allows Owner To Keep Pumping Should The Switch Fail (Available only with start and run capacitor in the motor)
  • Every Pump Is Tested In Water / Ensures That The Pump Meets Head & Flow Requirements.
  • SSPMA Certified / Certifies That Pump Meets Industry Standards
  • Shut Off Heads Up To 134’ TDH
  • Available In Single or Three Phase
  • Double Seal / Provides extra motor protection
  • 1-1/4" or 2" Discharge

Catalog Sheet
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for the CPG (H) DS

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