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BBUPD Duplex Power Inverter

The BBUPD 900; 1500; & 2300 Inverters Automatically Convert Battery Power To Run Your Standard 115V Pump.  Alternates Between Pumps Coming On First.  Both Pumps Will Come On If Flows Require.  Utilizes A Primary And Secondary Switch.  Has Built In High Water Alarm

Features / Benefits

  • Automatically Switches To Battery Power / Provides Full Pump Performance

  • Complete System Runs On Battery Power

  • Pumps Alternate As First Pump On /  Second Pump Gets Used Every Other Cycle
  • Second Pump Will Automatically Come On If First Pump Does Not Keep Up With Incoming Flow Or Fails
  • Built In Alarm If Both Pumps Do Not Keep Up With Incoming Flow or Fail
  • Utilizes One Switch For System /  Secondary Switch For Protection Against Switch Failure
  • Self Diagnostics /  Advises Potential Pump Failure

  • SSPMA Certified / Certifies That Pump Meets Industry Standards.




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for the BBUPD Duplex Power Inverter

for the BBUPD Duplex Power Inverter